Quik Rack Add On (Silver)
  - Attaches to 1UPUSA Hitch Quik Rack
  - Rated for 50 lbs per bike spot
  - Weight of each Add-On, 18 lbs
  - Free Shipping on orders of $525

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Product Info

This 1 bike Add-On mounts to the 1 bike Hitch system or another Add-On for up to a 3 bike carrier!

It takes only 10 seconds to mount each Add-On. Each Add-On is attached with the same type of anti-theft security bolt and tool used on the hitch. With a 15 degree upward angle ground clearance increases with each Add-On. The ease and quickness of Add-On installation and removal reduces total rack weight. When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and fits back in it's reusable box only 30" X 14" X 8". Mount only the number of Add-On's needed for the bikes you carry. Only 18 pounds per Add-On and no empty trays. Other rack Add-On's Bolt on with several bolts and are not easy to remove, so your stuck with a heavy very large rack that does not fold.

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